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full text » ICVR 2020 Virtual Meeting The meeting agenda for the virtual 2020 Sprin ... 05/12/2020
full text » ICVR France 2019 The agenda and meeting minutes the ICVR France 2019 Meeting are now available. 03/14/2019
full text » Content from 2017 New York City Meeting Minutes and slides from the ICVR 2017 New York City meeting are now available. 11/29/2017
full text » Minutes from 2017 Helsinki Meeting Minutes and slides from the ICVR Helsinki 2017 meeting are now available. 06/06/2017
full text » Joint Publication in JVS/EJVES! An International Vascular Registry Infrastructure for Medical Device Evaluation and Surveillance 04/04/2017
full text » ICVR New York 2016 Minutes and slides from the ICVR New York 2016 meeting are now available. 12/13/2016
full text » Minutes from 2016 Hamburg Meeting Minutes from the May 2016 Hamburg meeting now available 06/06/2016
full text » Great Meeting in Hamburg! Many thanks for another excellent meeting of the ICVR! 05/24/2016
full text » Minutes from 2015 New York City Meeting 2015 NYC Meeting Minutes available 01/20/2016
full text » Successful New York Meeting! Thank you everyone for another great meeting of the ICVR! 11/19/2015