ICVR New York 2016 Minutes and Slides

Please find below links to the ICVR 2016 New York City meeting minutes, as well as slide presentations from the meeting.





1. Carotid Stenosis Treatment (Maarit Venermo)

2. AAA Treatment Variation (Adam Beck)

3. PAOD Core Data Set Survey (Christian Behrendt)

4. RAPID Data Elements (Jack Cronenwett)

5. Potential New InVASC Projects (Kevin Mani & Adam Beck)

6. VISION Project in USA (Art Sedrakyan & Phillip Goodney)

7. European Claims Data Linkage Projects (Christian Behrendt)

8. TASTE RCT (Martin Bjorck)

9. IPAP Project (Kevin Mani & Adam Beck)

10. IPAP Economic Analysis (Jack Cronenwett)